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It's Our Birthday!

This April marks the 4th anniversary of the community being together. To celebrate this momentous occasion, our brand friend Jerlynn'L is throwing the community a birthday party on the 29th April 2017, 3.00pm - 5.00pm at Hello Deer, Uptown, Petaling Jaya. The birthday party is organized by the community founder, Tammy along with a yellow birthday cake to match. Fifty community members consisting of volunteers and butterflies will be attending this birthday party.

The party, theme "garden yellow" is set to match the brand Jerlynn'L who will be decorating the party space with balloons and garden like elements. To make it fun, ten prizes worth RM1,000 would be given away to ten best-dressed butterflies at the party. The party dress code?  Garden yellow with flower headbands. 

Other activities include; ice-cream refresher sampling session, enjoying tea-time with food and desserts from Wondermilk Cuppacakes, and the highlight of the birthday party, - the live birthday gift unboxing. The birthday gifts worth RM500++ is a gift from Jerlynn'L for every party attendee.

About Jerlynn'L

Jerylnn’L, embarks on a virtuous journey to promote proper skin care habits to children, is an advocate of preventive and regenerative children’s skin care.

We believe by taking care of our skin early on, we can help preserve it’s integrity and health for years to come. We are dedicated to formulating children’s skincare that not only restores skin health but to protect even before skin problems arise, with the relevant efficacious ingredients and responsibly formulated.

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