Ice-cream Social Funraiser

It's time for an ice-cream social *yay pops confetti* After our birthday celebration, it's time to chill and mingle at our next gathering. What's an ice-cream social? It's a social event  (e.g a party) where ice-cream is served! People mingle, talk and eat ice-cream. It's a way to bond and also a selfie-worthy opportunity.

BB Deco Workshop @ Ice-Cream Social "The Funraiser"
Date: 5th May (Saturday)
Time: 10.30am - 1.00pm
Inside Scoop
No. 9, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Dress code: Fun-raiser ready

yummy ice-cream & buttermilk waffles awaits!

BB Cushion Deco - The art of pimping your cushion
source: Etude House

It's not just all about talk, we're also organising a BB Deco Workshop for all our beauty-loving members to bring their BB Cushions (or powder casing - anything with a flat surface) so they can get it Pimped ala Mode with over 500 of the most kawaii fake sweets a.k.a decodens (think chocolate bar, M&Ms, mini cakes, desserts, sugary treats). Yes, you hear it, there will be a pool of unbearable cute pieces for you to pick and decorate your bb cushion.

Just imagine how they'll look like on your vanity table?  The minute you whipped out your bb cushion to apply makeup,  your friends are going to be staring at that delicious looking "thing" you're holding. Definitely some brownie points.

They also make cute storage decorations - to store your jewellery or accessories!

over 500pcs of decodens for you to choose from

You'll be given a guide on how to deco, it's really simple actually so don't get stressed! No baking or decorating skills needed. All you need is to pick out random decodens, visualised how you want them to look on your bb cushion and then pick a pipping head, attach it to the vanilla scented craft cream glue (yes it has a sweet scent) and cream your foundation.

Once that's done, stick your decodens on it! The trick is to not to get OCD about what pieces or sizes you need. It looks really good when it's assorted, different and colourful - trust me.

3 steps to pimp your cushions

Tammy says: If you want to deco in the comfort of your own home, no worries! Just pick out what you need to bring back. 

We'll also be giving goodie gifts themed to the event out, they're beauty products worth over RM100++ as a thank you for supporting the event.

Part of the fee goes to covering the party bill, and the craft materials. We're not raising much but we want this to be a fun and sociable event. No stress and just chill.

Open to the first 30 members. Sign-up here.

Please bring:
  1. Your own BB.Cushion or powder casing
  2. A recycle bag to keep your goodie gifts
  3. Your blog cards to exchange & make new friends

Thanks to Inside Scoop for allowing us to have our funraiser workshop at their Bangsar outlet!

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