LaF Water Bomb Ampoule

This Summer we're collaborating with LaF a.k.a Lost and Found to host a Caterpillar's Beauty Class for caterpillars of the community! Basically, caterpillars are what we called the newbies, either you're transitioning to beauty blogging or you've just started a beauty blog and are looking to join a class to learn and grow as a beauty blogger in Malaysia. There's no set of rules on how to become a beauty blogger because basically, it's you sharing your experiences using a product as a consumer but the difference is you're proactively sharing about it on a platform - blog/youtube.

We'll throw in a blogging guide for you to follow so you know the basics and what to do from there.

What's LaF? 
LaF (Lost and Found) is the abbreviation for lost (problem) and found (solution), regarding deficiency in beauty, which is an INNOVATIVE COSMETIC BRAND providing fast, innovative, and safe beauty answers for all skin concerns around the world.

They have a range of products, in which we note that they're more focused on pore care with the use of tea tree oil. Their prices are drugstore range, you can easily purchase a product between RM47.10 - RM56.50 exclusively from Guardian Malaysia.

P.S: We googled and fell in love LaF's collaboration with Adventure Time to release a whole range of super cute ampoules based on the characters!

But ours is with LaF Seoul and we were given a choice on what to pick for our caterpillars to review (God bless you Nicholle!) and we thought hey, hydration is always something everyone needs and what more one named "Water Bomb Ampoule". Sounds fabulous already in our books.

When we received the PR parcel, we quickly took one out and tested it on our hand, then we smile... yes this is perfect for our caterpillars (pls imagine the evilest smile u can find). Presenting our picks, the LaF's Skin Solution Ampoule - Water Bomb Ampoule.

We know this is in Korean but we felt the visual helps you to understand the visual key points of the product. Not to fret because we'll summarise what this product does here!

LaF Skin Solution Ampoule
A skincare ampoule restoring natural skin health through an intensive care that meets individual skin problems. Using a single product will provide you with a differentiated, customized skin care for your skin troubles. Also, you can proceed with a systematic self-skincare by using three sets of the ampoules.
A skincare ampoule providing an intensive self-care for individual skin trouble.
Retail Price: RM47++ Guardian Malaysia
Volume 30ml

How to use:
After cleansing and applying the toner, take an appropriate amount of the ampoule and apply to the skin along the skin texture. Tap gently to help absorption. Effect Skin moisturization, skin whitening, anti-ageing. 

There are two other variants besides the Water Bomb Ampoule - Whitening and Anti-Wrinkle.

So are you ready, Caterpillars? Register here if you haven't tried this product yet and are looking for a skin solution to your dry woes. Collection of the product can be done at Menara UOA Bangsar on weekdays from 16th - 20th July (Mon - Fri) 10am - 6pm. If you're unable to collect, you can opt to pay for Pos Laju RM10 WM / RM12 EM. 

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