How To Join?

At Butterfly Project we welcome everyone who's an active content creator, influencer, blogger, YouTuber or reviewer as long you're a beauty and lifestyle enthusiast. We operate as an open community where anyone can join but the only difference is, our review projects are announced mainly on our Facebook Community Page and sometimes Instagram. There's where you hurry up and register your interest, put in your details and we'll take a look to see if you're right for the activity. Yeap as easy as that!

We normally will screen through if you're the right influencer for the particular activity e.g beauty product = beauty blogger,  travel for travel and vice versa. We check your style, your writing, and your personality/brand and anything else that would ensure we choose the right person!

We also take into consideration if you're someone trustable from the way you've joined other activities or from your social media channels since we don't know who you are (right?). So being punctual to your deadlines and being responsive to our emails is very very important.

Just follow our Instagram and Facebook to start looking out for updates!

Register yourself here to be in our database!

Your membership details are also useful when we have a project (sponsored/paid) that may suit you. Most projects require you to be at least 6 months old, with consistent and relevant content being put up. We do have projects for caterpillars (below 1-year-old or a new member).

Membership does not guarantee you auto-approval on activities. You must proactively look out for community updates on our FB page and register for an activity suitable. Selected members will receive an email confirmation to participate. Be sociable and active in commenting, liking and supporting other members and your community on our private beauty bloggers group and fb community page.

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